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We will assist you in replacing, repairing, or designing a custom concrete walkway to complement your house. For over 20 years, we’ve been doing concrete work for our Palmdale and Antelope Valley customers.

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We buy our products from the best quality manufacturers and do not cut any corners as a local concrete company, so you can be assured that the finished result will be something you will be proud of. Our company is built on the principles of quality, fairness, and customer care. All of our projects are driven by these basic values, meaning that anything we do adds value to our consumers. It’s why we’re recognized as the premier custom concrete company in the Antelope Valley. Contact Palmdale Concrete Company  to set up an on-site, no-obligation quote. We are excited to serve you!

Concrete sidewalks and walkways will provide a convenient route for pedestrians for several decades. However, the initial construction is the most important factor in ensuring a long-lasting concrete pavement. The sidewalk will collapse in a matter of years if the contractor uses inferior materials, designs the pavement improperly, or fails to adopt proper construction techniques. The contractor you choose has a big impact on how happy you are with your new sidewalk or walkway. You’ll want to employ a reputable contractor with a lot of experience. Remember that the lowest quote is not necessarily the best; you must also consider the contractor’s references, experience, the nature of his equipment, the training his crew has undergone, as well as his industry reputation.

A good contractor will assess the type of soil on which the sidewalk will be installed before constructing new concrete. Moisture and temperature variations influence the load-bearing properties and stability of different soils in different ways. Based on his results, the contractor would compact the soil uniformly to create a level subgrade that decreases the likelihood of differential settling of the concrete and the development of cracks.

While it is possible to pour concrete directly on top of the subgrade for a concrete walkway or sidewalk, it is preferable to lay a base layer between the subgrade and the concrete. This provides more consistent protection for the concrete and helps to bridge any small subgrade defects. A foundation is particularly critical in areas like Palmdale that are prone to drought or have long, dry summers.

Walkways can be severely damaged by tree roots. Roots growing underneath the pavement will raise one or more concrete slabs, resulting in an uneven and dangerous sidewalk. If your sidewalk, walkway, or driveway has been damaged by tree roots in Palmdale, give us a call. We offer sidewalk and walkway installation and repair.

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Crack repair, resurfacing, and levelling are the three most common types of concrete sidewalk and walkway repairs. Water intrusion and the resulting deterioration of the foundation can cause potholes and cracking, which can be avoided with timely crack repairs. Resurfacing is the process of removing and replacing a badly deteriorated concrete slab. We are knowledgeable in all types of sidewalk and walkway repair and installation. Give us a call if you need service with your concrete walkway.


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